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Celebrate Recovery Walk with Dr. Billy Taylor

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There is life after addiction, a much better life. Drug addiction affects everyone, not only the addict. Events which bring

awareness to the public about effective drug addiction treatment for those in need, as well as prevention for our youth is

one way to help others achieve sobriety. You can help!

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For friends and family members that are concerned that a loved one may be using drugs or alcohol, figuring out what to do can be confusing and frustrating, but waiting for things to get better will only let things get worse. The time to act is now. Approaching the person will often help them to see just how much their choices are affecting those around them.


When approaching a loved one about their substance abuse, it is important to have a plan of action. Finding a treatment center beforehand will help in keeping the concerned parties strong in their determination to address the problem. This will also help in making sure that the individual struggling with addiction does not have time to change their mind about seeking help.


With the number of different recovery centers and programs available, finding a substance abuse treatment facility appropriate to the needs of the individual can be a daunting task. A substance abuse treatment referral service can help by assessing the situation and finding rehabilitation programs and facilities that will be most effective. Getting in contact with professionals is of the utmost importance.


Perhaps the best thing that can be offered to a person struggling to overcome addiction is support and encouragement. The recovery process is a difficult and strenuous one, and the greatest help that family and friends can give to a loved one is care and compassion for their struggle. Showing that we believe in them and want only what’s best for them can go a long way in helping them to break free from the bonds of their addiction.

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Our goal is to support recovery and prevention by bringing awareness and education to our youth and entire communities.



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Our mission is to save lives and keep our kids educated about drug prevention in order to rid our country of this epidemic of addiction by celebrating recovery and sobriety through communication.

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